When I was in Aubagne, and I was doing my tests I almost failed because I didn’t know how much do I have to run, how many pull-ups do I have to do and how to prepare myself for the interviews. In this blog, I am going to try to help you through my stories to get a first (and real) vision of the weekdays of a Legionnaire, increase your chances if you want to enlist and give you some good advices for the basic trainings. All the things I say are those I wanted to hear before enlisting.

French foreign legionnaire learns tactics in a van

34. Chapter – The regimental exercise

The 4th Foreign Regiment in Castelnaudary organizes a regimental exercise three times a year. It was my second, but not the last one at all. Naturally, I had no clue back then

33. Chapter – A day on the field

During the 4 months, we had 9 weeks of field training. We went back for a week (or more) to each company’s farm and trained intensively. I loved those moments, because I

32. Chapter – Medic or Radio

I passed the first “final” test by 0,5 point at the end of the 7th week. I was happy, because I didn’t know, but if I had failed, I probably couldn’t have

Legionnaires are drinking beer

31. Chapter – A welcome back party

During my years in the French Foreign Legion I experienced some very “interesting” situations. However, I still consider those four months of radio training as the most difficult period I suffered during

29 +1. Chapter – My first long holiday

Summer has arrived, but I didn’t go directly back home for my vacation. I got 3,5 weeks off, before the radio training. I felt extremely lucky and we decided with my girlfriend

French Foreign Legion party

A weekend party ”a la legionnaire”

I’m learning each day since I joined the French Foreign Legion, but the most useful moments are when I‘m not in the regiment. It was true, especially at the beginning.  Each field

29. Chapter – Specialization

The moment you join a combat unit, you pass trough of some conversations with your hierarchy. The first is always the captain, the unit commander. He’s going to ask you a few

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