When I was in Aubagne, and I was doing my tests I almost failed because I didn’t know how much do I have to run, how many pull-ups do I have to do and how to prepare myself for the interviews. In this blog, I am going to try to help you through my stories to get a first (and real) vision of the weekdays of a Legionnaire, increase your chances if you want to enlist and give you some good advices for the basic trainings. All the things I say are those I wanted to hear before enlisting.

French foreign legionnaire learns tactics in a van

29 +1. Chapter – My first long holiday

Summer has arrived, but I didn’t go directly back home for my vacation. I got 3,5 weeks off, before the radio training. I felt extremely lucky and we decided with my girlfriend

French Foreign Legion party

A weekend party ”a la legionnaire”

I’m learning each day since I joined the French Foreign Legion, but the most useful moments are when I‘m not in the regiment. It was true, especially at the beginning.  Each field

29. Chapter – Specialization

The moment you join a combat unit, you pass trough of some conversations with your hierarchy. The first is always the captain, the unit commander. He’s going to ask you a few

Medical Tests in the French Foreign Legion

Medical tests in the French Foreign Legion

In this article, you’ll find all the relevant information you have to know about the medical tests in the French Foreign Legion. The medical tests are part of the pre-selection process that

legionnaire mali

The French Foreign Legion

What is the French Foreign Legion? The French Foreign Legion is a military service branch of the French Army, created in 1831 by Louis Philippe. Commanded by French officers, it’s also open

27. Chapter – BAM

I was waiting for the BAM (Brevet d’Alpiniste Militaire – Military Mountaineer Certificate) because everyone said that it’s going to be as good as the BSM was. Once I saw the list

Join the french foreign legion

How to join the French Foreign Legion?

A step by step guide about how to join the French Foreign Legion. In this article article I collected all the information I found helpful about the recruitment if you consider joining

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