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54. chapter – Paphos

Going to Cyprus became a trend after the missions in Afghanistan. People found out that it’s probably not the best idea to send soldiers directly back home from a war zone. So,

7 mins read

53. chapter – The last patrol

I felt the end of the mission when we passed the gates of camp M’Poko in Bangui. Lot of things have changed since we left in May. Most of the units got

5 mins read

52. Chapter – The first day off

Since we arrived in Central Africa, the rhythm was quite intense. We were working sometimes around 14 hours a day and most of the times, I was on guard for an hour

5 mins read

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French Foreign Legion – SAED

Interview with chief of SAED in 2°REI Lieutenant Philippe, 35 years old, is the head of the Dismounted Engagement Support Platoon (SAED – Section d’aide à l’engagement débarqué) of the 2nd Foreign

7 mins read

Free time and holiday as a Legionnaire

I’ve already wrote about daily life and holiday in the French Foreign Legion in my stories, but I’d like to add a bit more to this topic. It’s important to know how

8 mins read