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Legionnaire holding an HK-416 rifle

37. Chapter – 1st class Legionnaire

I’ve been a 1st class legionnaire for 3 months on paper but nobody knows (and cares) until you don’t have a visibly green stripe on your chest. 1st class legionnaire isn’t even

6 mins read

36. Chapter – We’re leaving in a few days

We had less than a week left from that four very long months in Castelnaudary. The platoon organized more and more drinking parties as we approached to the end of our journey.

5 mins read

34. Chapter – The regimental exercise

The 4th Foreign Regiment in Castelnaudary organizes a regimental exercise three times a year. It was my second, but not the last one at all. Naturally, I had no clue back then

5 mins read

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Important updates concerning Legionstories

Dear Readers As you could see, we restarted Legionstories at the beginning of this year and fortunately, with our new project manager everything seems to be getting better than ever before. We

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French Foreign Legion party

A weekend party ”a la legionnaire”

I’m learning each day since I joined the French Foreign Legion, but the most useful moments are when I‘m not in the regiment. It was true, especially at the beginning.  Each field

3 mins read
Medical Tests in the French Foreign Legion

Medical tests in the French Foreign Legion

In this article, you’ll find all the relevant information you have to know about the medical tests in the French Foreign Legion. The medical tests are part of the pre-selection process that

9 mins read
french foreign legion beret

What is the French Foreign Legion?

The French Foreign Legion is a military service branch of the French Army, created in 1831 by Louis Philippe. Commanded by French officers, it’s also open to French citizens. The French Foreign

15 mins read


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