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41. Chapter – Life in camp M’Poko

I woke up at 5AM, because of a weird bird who set his nest just next to the tree about 20 meters from our tent. I’m not a bad sleeper. In a

5 mins read

How the French Foreign Legion changed my life

Four short stories about how the French Foreign Legion changed my life My story had begun in 2012, when I decided to make a little break between high school and university. I

13 mins read

40. Chapter – Central African Republic

The company got a week off in March before going to Central Africa In a normal situation, we can leave for 2-3 weeks before an operation and for 3-4 weeks after. It

4 mins read

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Legionnaire thinking about life after the French Foreign Legion
11 mins read

Life after the French Foreign Legion

How is life after the French Foreign Legion? Or what happens when you finish your contract? It’s a great thing if you

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Two legionnaires are toasting with a beer

Important updates concerning Legionstories

Dear Readers As you could see, we restarted Legionstories at the beginning of this year and fortunately, with our new project manager everything seems to be getting better than ever before. We

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French Foreign Legion party

A weekend party ”a la legionnaire”

I’m learning each day since I joined the French Foreign Legion, but the most useful moments are when I‘m not in the regiment. It was true, especially at the beginning.  Each field

3 mins read