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40. Chapter – Central African Republic

The company got a week off in March before going to Central Africa In a normal situation, we can leave for 2-3 weeks before an operation and for 3-4 weeks after. It

4 mins read
PVP legion

38. Chapter – Two driving licences in a month

I passed the short Christmas vacation at home, but this time I knew that the year will start in Castelnaudary My unit commander mentioned that he’ll see if I could go back

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Writing IQ test in the French Foreign Legion
4 mins read

French Foreign Legion IQ test

Today, we’re going to unpack a topic that often gets overlooked when we talk about joining the French Foreign Legion. That’s right,

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An exceptionnal carreer path of a Legionnaire

Solveig was commissioned as head of battalion on September 1, 2022. He has passed the entrance exam to the War College (l’École de guerre) and will begin his studies in the summer

6 mins read

French Foreign Legion – SAED

Interview with chief of SAED in 2°REI Lieutenant Philippe, 35 years old, is the head of the Dismounted Engagement Support Platoon (SAED – Section d’aide à l’engagement débarqué) of the 2nd Foreign

7 mins read