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43. chapter – The journey to Sibut

Short after 6AM the battlegroup was on the move. I was excited and didn’t know where to look, because I wanted to see everything. The landscape, the lifestyle and even the scent

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42. chapter – Out of the FOB

The shooting stopped a minute later I was looking at the mechanic I was working with, but he didn’t see anything what has actually happened. I went to see the chief to

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41. Chapter – Life in camp M’Poko

I woke up at 5AM, because of a weird bird who set his nest just next to the tree about 20 meters from our tent. I’m not a bad sleeper. In a

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Legionnaire thinking about life after the French Foreign Legion
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Life after the French Foreign Legion

How is life after the French Foreign Legion? Or what happens when you finish your contract? It’s a great thing if you

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The wildest myths of the French Foreign Legion

If you found my blog, probably you’ve already heard some interesting, occasionally amazing myths of the French Foreign Legion. Before I joined, it was difficult to find people, who could have told

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How the French Foreign Legion changed my life

Four short stories about how the French Foreign Legion changed my life My story had begun in 2012, when I decided to make a little break between high school and university. I

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