Get prepared for the French Foreign Legion!

The Legion Training app serves you as your personal trainer in your preparation for joining the French Foreign Legion. Train to pass the physical tests, practice for the logic test, learn useful french vocabulary and much more!

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Training plans for the Sport test

If you want to join the French Foreign Legion, first you have to pass the sport tests. Get fit to manage to be strong and fast enough to pass.

If you don’t have any idea how to start, you’ll find examples for your level. I tested all these trainings on myself, so I hope it will help you as well.

Prepare for the IQ tests

If you fail the IQ test, you can’t continue the preselection and have to leave directly. The problem is that you can’t go back for several months if you fail.

But you can prepare! Now with the Legion Training app you can exercise similar tasks

Click here for more about the IQ tests.

French vocabulary feature visualisation in the Legion Training app

Learn some French

Although it is not a requirement to speak french to join the French Foreign Legion, it won’t hurt either. We collected some useful vocabulary that you can learn from the app

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