Things to know about the IQ test in the French Foreign Legion

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Writing IQ test in the French Foreign Legion

I think it’s necessary to clarify a few things about the IQ test in the French Foreign Legion. Or the tests “psychotechniques” in French, because it’s one of the subjects people know the less about, but it’s also the most discussed after the physical tests.

It’s also important to know, that there is a big difference between the “psychological tests” and the “IQ test”. These are two very different things. The IQ test will show to the recruiters your ability to reason, calculate and solve spatial problems, so your Intelligence Quotient.

Until the psychological test is one of the few things you can’t anticipate, because it tries to determinate what kind of person you are. From the beginning, you are gonna fill out plenty of documents with many different questions such as:

  • Have you ever tried to commit suicide
  • Which is your favourite animal
  • Do you easily make friends etc.

So I collected the 5 most important things to know about the IQ test in the French Foreign Legion

1.) You don’t have to speak or know a word in French to pass this test.

Naturally, the fact that the biggest part of the candidates don’t speak French is taken into account. I didn’t even know what I had to do until I saw the first question, because if you read the first chapters of my blog, you know I didn’t understand a word. Especially during the first weeks. So don’t worry!

2.) It is eliminatory

If you fail, you can’t continue the preselection and have to leave directly after the test. Normally you can go back in a few months if you want, but not before a certain period, which goes from 6 to 24 months. 

3.) You can prepare

The IQ test consists mostly of logical reasoning testsspatial reasoning tests and numerical reasoning tests.  There are a lot of free IQ tests available on the Internet or so-called ‘real’ IQ tests. It’s a great idea to get a bit more familiar with the tests before the joining process, but don’t take the result too seriously. Here is a classical IQ test you can do for free.

If you have the possibility try to buy a book on Amazon, but you don’t have to pass eight hours a day to drill for the IQ test either.
Once you passed the test in Aubagne, they won’t tell you the result. If it’s not good enough, you’ll find yourself very quickly outside of the regiment.

4.) It counts for your later career.

Maybe you think that it’s not very important right now, but it is, because a great score in the IQ test could open the gates for some specialties like combat medic, transmission or administrative jobs.

In French, it calls “niveau generale” (NG) and you get a score between 0 and 20. If you want to know your result, you should ask your platoon chief or a guy working in your company’s main office.

5.) Once you are in, but you had a bad score, you can go back

to Aubagne and try again, if your chiefs think that you could get a better result. My company sent 4 legionnaires to redo the IQ test before going for a training in Castel.

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  1. Ahoj aron vies mi dat na teba e-mail mal by som par otazok na teba prosim ta ( jazyk – Slovencina )

    • Ahoj co potrebujes? pridaj si ma na fb adrian lauko a ja ty pomozem ked mas vazny zaujem o vstup do cl

  2. Saque en puntaje 127 a 132 y voy a la legión en enero tengo 20 años y soy de Panamá y justo quiero ir al 2 reg y cuando sea caporal unirme a los GCM

  3. Hi thr, how you doing? am really pleased to know and read your vlogs about ffl, want to know how many paid leaves will we be assigned post 1 year of joining and will we get the sanction for home country vacation if paid leaves are guaranteed?

    • It’s a personality test and it’s hard to fail. It supposed to determine if you are someone normal or a psychopath

  4. How many IQ question do we get and what is the pass marks for IQ? Is there a website where i can get ffl iq test sample and lastly i heard that before entering ffl we are given 10 Iq question and if we pass then only we are are sent to do pull ups and so it true??

    • Yes, you can once you got your passport back and made an official demand for going to a foreign country. I could officially go back home after a year.

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