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First of all, let me to introduce myself and to tell you why I’m creating this French Foreign Legion blog and what my aims are.

My story began while I was in high school and I started to be interested in the army, especially the French Foreign Legion.

The first time when I have heard of this famous part of the French armed forces was a reportage on TV of the 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment, based in French Guyana, in South America. The next few months I spent with getting more and more information of the recruitment process and I was trying to find out how could I become a Legionnaire. Two months later after I got enlisted, the moment when I put my Kepi blanc on my head, I decided that I’m going to write a blog about my adventures. Once I’m going to be experienced enough and be able to help others to make their dreams come real.

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Now, you could ask why? Why do I want to help you?

When I was in Aubagne, and I was doing my tests I almost failed because I didn’t know how much do I have to run, how many pull-ups do I have to do and how to prepare myself for the interviews. In this blog, I am going to try to help you through my stories to get a first (and real) vision of the weekdays of a Legionnaire. Hopefully, it will increase your chances if you want to enlist and give you some good advices for the basic trainings. All the things I say are those I wanted to hear before enlisting.

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