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Legion Training French Foreign Legion Preparation app

Legion Training is an app being made by the Legionstories team. Next to the stories about the life in the French Foreign Legion published on the blog, we thought we can do even more for you to help you in your preparation and to increase your chances to get enlisted into this notorious part of the french army.

Beta phase

Although the app is nearly not finished yet, we published it on Google Play Store so that you can download it for free and have the chance to contribute with your ideas from the beginning on. Be part of forming the app the way you think it serves you and future applicants the best.

Download it now

Your feedback is important

Every feedback we get will be taken into consideration, so let us know

  • What do you like in the app
  • What do you dislike in the app
  • Which features you want to have next
  • Or any other feedback you have in mind

You can share your feedback here on the blog in the comment section, or just write an email to support@legionstories.com.

Show your appreciation

Keeping the blog running and developing an app is costly.

Buy us a beer

We don’t only use your donation to cover the development and maintenance costs, but this is also a measure that you like and appreciate what we do.

So if you like the blog support us to keep the story going and buy us a beer!

New app features

If we see that you like the app, through your feedback and the beers, we are going to enable new content in the app and develop more and more features.

  • After every 20 beers a new vocabulary is enabled
  • After every 25 beers a new IQ test is enabled
  • After every 30 beers a new training plan is enabled
  • If we reach 300 beers, we develop an iOS app as well

Give us 5 Stars on Google Play

If you like the app you can show us by giving a 5 star rating in Google Play! That will help other people who are willing to join the French Foreign Legion to find the app easier.

We appreciate your support and thank you for keeping the story going!


  1. This app is best for frech foreign legion dreamers. A very good platform has been prepared for education preparation. Thank you very much to the team that created this app for this

  2. Is the app going to be available on Apple Stores because I have an iPhone and I can’t download the app from Google play?

    • Hey, we’re currently working on a solution and hopefully the will also be available on iOs.

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