Recruitment in the French Foreign Legion: Your Questions Answered

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In this comprehensive guide, we address common inquiries about the recruitment process in the French Foreign Legion, providing detailed insights for those considering this unique path of service.

Question: How can I apply to the French Foreign Legion?

Answer: For those interested in the recruitment process of the French Foreign Legion, the first step is to contact the recruitment office in your region in metropolitan France, or directly in Aubagne or Fort de Nogent. The recruitment offices, open 24/7, welcome individuals of all nationalities and professions. The primary document required for application is a valid passport. Please note, direct application at a recruitment office in France is necessary, as recruitment does not occur abroad. Click here to get more information about joining.

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Question: Are tattoos acceptable in the French Foreign Legion?

Answer: In the context of recruitment for the French Foreign Legion, tattoos are not automatically a barrier. Each tattoo is evaluated on its appropriateness.

Question: What if I had legal issues and an addiction in the past? Can I still join?

Answer: Regarding recruitment standards of the French Foreign Legion, individuals with a history of serious crimes or drug trafficking are generally not recruited. However, each case is individually assessed after an interview with a recruiter.

Question: As an anesthetist, can I enlist and later specialize in a medical field?

Answer: Certainly, after two years of service, you may request medical training. However, it’s crucial to first enlist as a Legionnaire without any specific role conditions.

Question: How can Africans join the Legion?

Answer: For Africans interested in joining, it’s important to note that recruitment doesn’t occur outside France. You’ll need to present yourself at a recruitment post in France with all necessary documents.

Question: I’m 42 years old. Am I too old to enlist?

Answer: Age is a significant factor. To enlist, you need to be between 17 and 39 and a half years old. Ensure you bring all essential documents with you.

Question: Is having crooked teeth an issue?

Answer: Dental health is important. Candidates should have well-maintained teeth with a masticatory coefficient of at least 40%.

Question: Why doesn’t the Legion recruit on-site in countries like those in Africa?

Answer: International laws restrict foreign armies from conducting direct recruitment in other nations. Therefore, candidates must travel to France to join.

Question: Can the Legion help with transportation costs for recruitment?

Answer: The Legion does not provide assistance with transportation, visas, or administrative procedures. Each candidate must manage their journey to enlistment.

Question: Does pay increase after achieving higher ranks for independent living and food expenses?

Answer: Similar to the U.S. Army, you’ll live in the barracks for the first five years. Afterward, pay adjustments based on your situation can support independent living. Click here to read more about the pay in the French Foreign legion

Question: What are my chances of being selected if I’m 27, serving in the U.S. Army, and meet all physical and language requirements?

Answer: Your selection largely depends on your motivation, but remember, the French Foreign Legion may offer fewer options than the U.S. armed forces.

Question: Is 27 too old to join the Legion?

Answer: At 27, joining the Legion should be a well-thought-out decision, especially if you have a stable life and good prospects. The Legion is typically more suited to younger individuals.

Question: When is the best time to join the Legion?

Answer: You can apply at any time, but many candidates choose the summer. It’s best to apply when you feel ready.

Question: How hard is it to join the 2REP?

Answer: To join the 2REP, aim to be among the top in basic training. Proficiency in French is a key factor.

Question: What’s your advice for successful recruitment?

Answer: Be honest but tactful during the recruitment process. Emphasize your qualities as a team player and hard worker. Aligning these values with your civilian life can significantly boost your chances.

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  1. I’m John Mills from Ghana 🇬🇭, but currently in Poland. I’m interested to join the army.

  2. I am raj Kumar Rai from Nepal.Before I was service in Nepal army and then after service in armed security guard in ship.So I want to join France military.If possible to join there just contact me.ok sir/ madam.

    • My name is Kudakwashe Nyakabau and lm from Zimbabwe and l am interested in Joining the army

    • My name is Kudakwashe Nyakabau and lm from Zimbabwe and l am interested in Joining the army

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