33. Chapter – A day on the field

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During the 4 months, we had 9 weeks of field training. We went back for a week (or more) to each company’s farm and trained intensively. I loved those moments, because I always found more efficacious to train directly on the field than in a classroom in the regiment.

farm french foreign legion
A “Legionnaire style ” pyramid

I also appreciated that I didn’t have to clean corridors and toilets from 6.30AM to 7.00AM each morning and pick up butts after lunch. For everyone’s happiness, the chief of our platoon tried to turn the field missions into real work. Sometimes I felt like if I were a real soldier in the French Foreign Legion.

A typical day on the field is hardly describable, because each day was
different, but I’ll do my best.
  • Wake up at 4.00AM, weapon perception at 5.30, charging the trucks before 7.00 and departure right after the regimental assembly. This time we left by bus, but sometimes we marched to one of the regiment’s farm. Naturally, in that case we left before 7.00AM.

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  • Arriving to the farm. Once we are there, in a normal case we have some time to arrange our stuffs or change clothes. After arranging the equipment, we had practical drill about something we saw before.
  • Dinner around 6.00PM and preparation for the night mission.
  • 8.00PM: mission briefing and orders for each group.
  • 9.00PM: beginning of the exercise, execution of different missions (infiltration, reconnaissance etc.) and finally setting up the radio network.
  • 11.00PM: Morse exercise between the groups (each team had to send and receive some messages)
  • 03.00AM: the end of the exercise if everyone received and sent their messages.
  • 06.00AM: wake up and debriefing back at the farm
  • 07.30AM: sport (mostly running and cross fit)
  • 09.00AM: shower
  • 09.30AM: theoretical and practical lessons concerning radio equipment
  • 12:00PM: lunch and reconditioning of our gear
  • 02:00PM: mostly practical lessons and preparation for the night task

At the end of the week everyone was tired as hell, but I think that the most of us prefer to pass five days basically anywhere than in 4°RE.

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  1. Hi Aron, could you help me about declared identity?

    I am just curious about if i can progress in my military career as a normal militar, if a can meet with my Family in france, if a can keep my new identity for a long time….

    I dont have any problem but i am considering this option for security

    Thanks from spain

    • Hey,
      It’s actually better to get back your real identity as soon as you can, because it could cause you administrative problems. It’s a temporary solution, until your background check finishes. The best is that if you got in, your family sends you a birth certificate to your regiment or even to Castel.

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