Physical fitness tests in the French Foreign Legion

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French Foreign Legionnaires are doing a physical fitness test

In this article, I’d like to present the physical fitness tests that everyone has to pass each year not only in the French Foreign Legion, but generally in the French Army. It will allow you to compare a French soldier’s physical fitness level to yours. 

How it works?

In a nutshell, you have a general fitness check called CCPG (Contrôle de la condition physique générale) and has 2 different parts:

The CCPS (contrôle de la condition physique spécifique)

  1. 8km running in uniform and boots
  2. shooting test with HK416 or FAMAS

CCPM (Contrôle de la condition physique du militaire)

  1. Cardio-respiratory endurance: 2,400 m run as fast as you can
  2. Swimming test: 15m freediving + 85m freestyle
  3. General muscular capacity: push-ups

A video made by 2°REI of the new CCPM

Sport test scale

Points2400m runningSwimmingPush-ups
1011’15”15m freediving + 85 swimming25
911’30” 23
811’45”> ou = at 10m freediving <15m freediving and finishes22
712’00”5m> ou = freediving <10m and finishes the test20
612’15”5m < freediving and finish the test19
512’30’ 17
412’45”15m freediving but doesn’t finish the test16
313’00”> or = at 10m freediving <15m apnea and don’t finish the test14
213’15”5m> ou = freediving <10m and doesn’t finish the test13
113’30” 11

When do you pass these tests?

You’ll pass them 3 times during the basic trainings in Castel and once a year at least in your regiment. The results counts for everyone during the basic trainings and are very important. You need to get good results if you want to choose your regiment at the end of your 4 months long holiday in Castel.

What happens if I fail the test?

The CCPM classification is carried out on a value scale comprising five levels. You failed if you have less than 31 points in the three tests. Here is the scale:

  • 5: from 51 points to 60 points;
  • 4: from 41 points to 50 points;
  • 3: from 31 points to 40 points;
  • 2: from 21 points to 30 points;
  • 1: 20 points or less.

An example: my result in 2400m is 9’25 (17 points), swimming 1’52” (17 points) and I made 45 push-ups (18 points). My final result is 52 points, which means I got a 5.

The result you get will count for your yearly appreciation, called notation in French. If you have a bad notation, everyone is going to get in higher rank before you. So you can end up in a situation where your comrades, you did the basic trainings with, are going to have you make push-ups and mop. 

Physical fitness is very important.

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  1. Any legionnaire can build a career not on school diplomas or professional or civilian qualifications, but by taking military or technical examinations throughout his service. If you have good potential, if you are motivated, hard working and serious, the following careers are possible. 25% of legionnaires will become the non-commissioned officers ( N.C.O. ). All NCOs in the Legion started as simple legionnaires (except for a few NCOs from the French Army, assigned to some regiments as well-trained specialists).

  2. Hey, Im curious about that I have to do the push ups in 1 row or can I rest while standing on arms for a while (4-5 sec).

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