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Two legionnaires are toasting with a beer

Dear Readers

As you could see, we restarted Legionstories at the beginning of this year and fortunately, with our new project manager everything seems to be getting better than ever before. We have plans and a relatively clear perspective with the blog.

If I’m writing these lines right now

it’s because I’d like to announce a new feature on Legionstories which is a “Buy me a beer” button. We chose this option for support, because we don’t want to put ads everywhere on the blog, sell lame t-shirts imported from China or let you to read the stories once you paid. People are coming over to France from everywhere of the world to join the French Foreign Legion and not everyone can afford a monthly subscription for a simple blog. The information I share with you on Legionstories could increase your chances during the selection process or the interviews and I don’t want to create inequality between the candidates. So briefly, we are doing our best to keep Legionstories free and as enjoyable as possible.

However, the costs of this blog are over 300 euros a year (~350 dollars) and we would be happy if our negative balance could turn into a positive one at the end of this year. So for those, who want to support us, you can easily make a payment with your bank card via the “Buy me a beer” button that you’ll find at the end of each post on Legionstories.

If you like Legionstories, you can buy me a beer, or get something from the shop!

Thank you for reading and for your support.

Best wishes and good luck,


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