How do you prepare for the selection to join the French Foreign Legion?

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This is the most frequently asked question and that’s why I thought to open a discussion topic on the blog. Before you leave a comment, please read this previous post where I described the three sport tests.

Here you can:

  • Share your grievances/ideas about sports, trainings, workouts
  • Ask anything you want to know about the physical tests
  • Gather any tips from other users

I’m going to try to answer all of your questions under this topic so I hope that this will spare me some time on answering e-mails and allow me to concentrate on the stories. My goal would be that in a few months anyone who is interested in the French Foreign Legion will find the answer on this page for his questions about sports.

I’m gonna copy the best comments and the most useful links in this article, so it will make easier for everyone to find the Holy Grail.

A useful video to train for the Luc Leger test

I tried this morning the Luc Leger and it’s not evident at all, so I recommend to everyone to train seriously for this test. The only thing you need to realize this test is 30 meters free place where you mesure a distance of 20 meters. Take your phone and launch the YouTube video I linked here in this post. You’ll arrive easily to 7-8, but your goal should be to reach the 10th round. It doesn’t take too much time, so you can repeat the test 3-4 times in the same training. Good luck.

The best demonstration ever made about pull-ups


  1. Google the test and try to download the beep audio. Measure out 20 m on flat ground ( would perso do 22m to make it harder). Then run the test repeatedly. You need level 5 to pass. Or just run like Forest Gump!

  2. I’m surprised by the number of people who don’t realize that legion has suspended its recruitment since mid March . How grim the situation looks in France I don’t see how they will open up recruitment in the near future.

    • Yes, that’s not a great situation, but the Legion has to reopen the recruitment as soon as possible. If 4°RE can’t train new legionnaires during months, the combat regiments won’t have enough people to fill their missions, because legionnaires are leaving each month. So I think the French army will restart the recruitment in June and the Legion a bit later. Meanwhile those who want to join can train a bit more.

  3. Bonjr
    Combien de kg qu’on devrait avoir ?
    T’y il pas un test des abdo ? Combien d’abdo à fr
    Combien des tractions qu’on devrait faire pendant le test ?

  4. I don’t have comments but I’m very interested to join French Foreign legion. Can someone help me…! I’m from Papua New Guinea.

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