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We noticed a heavily increasing interest in Legionstories during the past couple of weeks and we are happy about the enthusiasm you show to this project. 

I’ve never thought that we’re going to have 24 supporters in just a couple of weeks so I’m thankful for your help. The story will continue next year and the Legionstories team is preparing some new contents and features you’ll be able to discover during the first quarter of 2021. We are ceaselessly working on a major project since April, so I’m very excited to see your reaction.

I’d also like to share some thoughts concerning Legionstories’ present and future.


Unfortunately, the increasing popularity of this blog doesn’t only have positive aspects. 

As Legionstories is not only my work, but there is a whole team behind the website, one of our team members noticed that someone started to copy our contents. We tried to contact the owner of this so-called “blog” without any answer from his part, so we had to report his activity.

We are not afraid of any concurrent, because if someone invests as much time as we do into content creation, he deserves the visitor’s attention. However, we can’t allow anyone to steal our work. If we notice that someone is copying any content of or the BMC page, we’ll immediately contact the owner in the first time, but without any concrete reaction from his part, we’ll have to launch a DMCA procedure in order to have remove the stolen content. As it happened already during the past months.


Until now, I thought it’s pointless to talk about the main goal of Legionstories, but time has come now to reveal this project.

The final objective of this blog is to collect stories and experiences of serving or former Legionnaires and make Legionstories a place where everyone can share his thoughts. The time I passed as a member of the French Foreign Legion was an amazing part of my life and I would restart everything from the beginning without a second of hesitation. However, I think it’s important to counterbalance the propaganda of the official pages and give everyone willing to become a Legionnaire a real inside view of the Legion.

The official Instagram page

If you manage to pass the selection and join the French Foreign Legion, you’ll do amazing things. I could participate in great exercises, went to marvelous places and met excellent people. I also learned a couple of things I would have been unable to without the Legion.

The real side

However, as the official pages try to suggest, you won’t jump out of a helicopter every morning and you won’t shoot an HK-417 every afternoon either. Your main weapons are going to be a broom and a toilet brush. Especially at the beginning. 

So, if someone has lived a moment (good or bad) in the French Foreign Legion that he wants to share, we’ll ensure a platform to do so. The person contacting the Legionstories team will have access to the blog as a contributor, once he proved that he made part of the Legion.

In all cases, we’ll ask everyone to keep his incognito, so you shouldn’t provide any personal data during the identification process.

Do note that if you write on Legionstories, you can share your on pubs in your content. So, let’s make Legionstories the page of best stories of the French Foreign Legion together!


We can’t thank enough those who actively support Legionstories. You were 26 since October to donate on our BMC page, which is quite amazing. This helps us to keep the story going.

All the income we receive via the BMC page will be reinvested into the blog. Besides the usual fees of a webpage, I also pay a yearly Kepi Blanc subscription to stay updated about the current events. If we manage to raise a bit more money, we are planning to upgrade the blog’s server. It would allow our American readers to load the pages faster and ensure them a more agreeable environment.

Digital coaching on WhatsApp

All the places I offered for the coaching program were sold in a short time. 

Unfortunately, I’m unable to reopen these places again this year. I’m super busy with my new job and trainings, so I can’t give you a real “coaching” anymore, even if I’d like to do. You can still join me on WhatsApp by subscribing a membership on the BMC page.


Probably the E-book was the biggest success on the BMC page. I got a couple of great feedbacks about this short publication and I’m happy that you liked it.

For those who didn’t read it yet, I don’t only explain how much money I made between 2012 and 2020, but I also talk about how life is in France and why some legionnaires find hard to save money.

Contact me

I’d also like to thank you for not abusing of the contact form. In the past 30 days, I received 23 emails and I answered 20 of them, which is a great progression in this term. It left me enough time to check the comments on the blog and answer the most of them within 24 hours. So thank you, it helps me a lot.


If you have anything, you’d like to see or read about on the blog, don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail and I’ll do my best. 

Thank you again for following Legionstories.

If you like Legionstories, you can buy me a beer, or get something from the shop!

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