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Two French foreign legionnaires

21. Chapter – Where the hell am I

I remember very well. I just turned on the corner of the corridor at 6.57PM. Not a second later. I was even congratulating myself for the hilarious idea, that I left 3

Legionnaires preparing for combat

19. Chapter – Back to St. Christol

After the BSM, we received during a small ceremony our first “brevet” and we were half on our way to complete our basic mountain course. At the end of that week, we

Legionnaires marching in the snow

16. Chapter – BSM

The last week of the basic engineer training (called CP-04 – CP means practical certificate and 04 is the designation of military engineering in the French Army) wasn’t too hard. We have

Guns on the ground in legionnaire basis

15. Chapter – Instruction again

After the short holyday, I found out that some guys from my platoon were on service (guard) between Christmas and new years eve. It could have been me, but fortunately, we weren’t

Legionnaires running towrds the basis

13. Chapter – Back to Aubagne

I quit the lieutenant’s office and I already knew where I’m going to spend my next years.  An hour later when the last one chose his regiment, we went down to the