Which medical reasons do you know about one got disqualified during selection process?

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As I wrote in Medical tests in the French Foreign Legion only a military doctor can answer your personal medical questions and decide whether you are eligible to join the French Foreign Legion or if your problem is a reason for disqualification.

I opened this discussion topic to ask you, if you know anyone who was disqualified for a reason which I did not mention in my post.


  1. I had all my teeth treated, only one has canal treatment, I have a black filled tooth, apart from that, all my teeth have a white filling, can I pass a dental examination? Can I eliminate a liver lick?

    • Only a doctor could answer your questions, so as I said in a previous post, go and have examine your teeth before coming to France.

  2. Good Evening,

    Love the posts incredibly helpful ! Great insight into the ffl

    I realise you can’t give a definitive answer from a medical point of view just speculate, but I had c6/7 surgery were they put a plate in my vertebrae i have no ongoing condition it was 9 years ago im now 28 completely fit and healthy, would this in your opinion disqualify me from attempting to join the ffl . I had my eyes on 2 rep looking to join from UK by end of July.

    With Regards

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